About EntraTurnstiles

Established in 1983, The Tamis Corporation has been one the nation’s leading supplier of turnstiles for more than 20 years.  Entra turnstiles are used nationwide – in stadiums and sports arenas, amusement parks, retail sites, business office lobbies, transit stations, and other locations.

Entra supplies a wide range of turnstiles and related access control products, including:

  • Waist-high turnstiles
  • Optical turnstiles (also known as pedestrian security lanes)
  • Full-height or revolving door turnstiles.

Entra carries both traditional (mechanical) and electronic turnstiles manufactured by BoonEdam, the world’s leading turnstile and revolving door manufacturer.

If your facility is replacing old turnstiles, augmenting your current equipment, or installing turnstiles for the very first time, Entra Turnstiles is an established source that project managers turn to for solutions.

You benefit from Tamis’ expertise and experience

  • Tamis is a specialist in crowd management, the direction and flow of patrons, and safety/security inside and outside of sites
  • The Tamis Corporation is not simply a website with a shopping cart.  The company is an established brick and mortar entity with knowledgeable personnel who have helped hundreds of customers with their turnstile and access control needs
  • Entra Turnstiles has successfully partnered with facilities ranging from public libraries or cafeterias which need a single traditional turnstile to major sports and entertainment venues which require dozens of sophisticated electronic card-reading turnstiles
  • Entra’s sales and customer service personnel can advise you on the configuration of turnstiles at a site, and help you with access control information after your installation.
  • Entra turnstiles are complemented by Tamis’ related products frequently used in conjunction with turnstiles – including railings, handicapped gates, line management systems, and crowd control barricades.

Entra Turnstiles: Popularity, Innovation, and Variety

From the traditional turnstiles supplied as replacement units at Aloha Stadium in 1999, to the more than 100 portable units installed in the new Cowboys Stadium in Dallas in 2009, Entra has established value-added relationships with sites for over a decade.

  • Entra is at the forefront of the market trend toward optical turnstiles, which use card-access systems and/or sensors, taking full advantage of the latest technology to make entrances more ideal for both patrons and the site’s security personnel.
  • Entra has also supplied optical turnstiles to government facilities, courthouses, high-rise buildings at universities, and many other locations.
  • Entra’s wide range of products (over 40 models in various sizes and styles) allows each site to achieve a customized solution to meet their own needs.

Tamis not only features products from leading manufacturers with whom it enjoys long standing relationships, such as Boon Edam, but also works with a variety of suppliers to meet the needs of a customer base which encompasses the whole turnstiles marketplace.