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  • THT-100 (3) Three-Wing Full Height Turnstile Gate
  • TUT-50 Series Waist-High Turnstiles
  • TUT-60T, Waist-High Electrical Turnstile, Coin & Token Collection

Used Turnstiles – Limited Availability!

We have a limited number of barely used, waist high, mechanical turnstiles
Used for one season at a National Football Stadium.

Take advantage of these heavily discounted turnstiles

Waist High Portable Turnstiles - Mechanical

  • Sell Price $1190/Unit
  • Sell 3 or more @ $999/Unit
  • Looks New
Features Stainless Steel Design, Counter & Pneumatic Wheels

One Year Guarantee

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Your Source for High-Quality, State-of-the-Art Entrance Control Products Such As:

  • Waist High Turnstiles for pedestrian control into sites from offices and stadiums
  • Full Height Turnstiles, over 7-feet high, for security at airports, stadiums, and other high-volume locations
  • Access Gates for handicap access to your site
  • Railing Systems for retail sites and restaurants

Stadiums & Arena Access

For a patron, passing through a turnstile is a milestone. It is the transition point from being outside the site to being on the inside. They separate those at the event from those not at the event. Studies have shown that at sports and entertainment arenas, people generally have a positive reaction to turnstiles in part because of this physical and intangible symbolism.

Ad Revenue Source

Some facilities have discovered a way to make their purchase of turnstiles pay for itself. By selling the placement of a company's logos or advertising messages and slogans on the arms of your turnstiles, you can recoup your investment in turnstiles quickly. Advertisers like the fact that every patron sees these turnstile arm advertisments as they enter the site.