Ballistic Glass

What Protects your Team from an Active Shooter?

Given recent security events across the nation, Entra Turnstiles has combined high-end specialty materials with offering portable, state-of-the-art ballistic partitions for use in government and law enforcement offices.

Ballistic Glass At Courthouse

Our clear ballistic glass panels are uniquely designed for courthouses, county buildings, and other secure offices to stop rifle rounds. Sheriff deputies and court security personnel can take cover, remain safe, and return fire in an active shooter situation—also adding a layer of protection for those that might be in harm’s way. A Portable Ballistic Partition is an added security measure designed to help protect security personnel and save the lives of others.

Highlights and Benefits:

  • Specialized glass, high-carbon, and steel alloy materials for added safety
  • Quickly reposition with premium, easy-to-roll, lockable castors
  • Features a Brinell Hardness number of 480 to 540 for the highest quality


  • Standard dimensions are 36 inches wide by 72 inches tall
  • Caster not to extend out more than 10 inches
  • Provides NIJ Level III and UL Level 8 protection
  • Rejects at least six rounds of 7.62 x 51 .308 rifle
  • Provides 100% ballistic protection, even between units
  • Expect zero spalling on the secure side
  • Panels interlock using a 2-pin locking plate
  • Attack face covered in Ballistic A6000™ steel
  • Overlapping and interlocking system for zero ammo penetration
  • Equipped with 4 easy-roll and lockable casters
  • Two handles of 10 inches or more on the secure side
  • Powder-coated and professional design

Would you stand behind a glass door and have shots fired directly at you?  Watch a 50 second video and think about it.

One Portable Ballistic Partition unit is $4,995. Charge for adding a department logo is $400/panel with a one-time vector setup fee of $250. The unit is fully assembled, wrapped for full glass protection, and crated for shipping.


  • Courthouse Personnel Security
  • Corporate and Government Security
  • County Personnel Security
  • Law Enforcement Security
  • Other Industries Where Firearm Protection is Required

Highlights and Benefits Continued…:

  • Product engineered in the thickness designed for the greatest capabilities at the lightest weights
  • Customizable; add your logo
  • Unique material construction using proper heat, temperatures, cooling and emersion for durability and longevity
  • An amazing characteristic of being able to flex upon impact which absorbs the impact, lowers the velocity of the projectile, and defeats the round
  • Product design and construction is certified, lab-tested, and ITAR and DOD approved to meet all certification standards
  • Guaranteed and trusted partner in the Entra Turnstiles team, with 20 years of expertise offering proven products and services to meet and exceed customer needs

How can you protect the general public if you can’t protect yourself? In these uncertain times, you owe it to yourself and those around you to install a protective shield that is valuable to you, your human assets, and your tangible business assets. Be prepared in the case of an unexpected event, our Portable Ballistic Partitions are one of the best places to start in helping keep your environment safer at all times.

We can offer you the total package for a secure screening site.

Here is a full list of active shooter incidents in The United States from 2016 to 2018.

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