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Waist High Turnstiles

Calculating Waist-High Turnstile Requirements

This article applies to any purchase of waist-high mechanical turnstile, but it is oriented toward the rental requirements. Waist-high turnstiles serve both as a psychological and practical entry delineation.  Mentally, people who pass through a…

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Turnstiles For Transportation

Is It Fair To Skip Your Fare?

Albeit strange, fare collection has gained the title of the most dividing subject in public transportation. With a claimed loss of $25 million annually, it is no wonder why the Metro Agency has implemented such…

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Stadium Perimeter Security

Detecting the Problem: Why You Should Amp Up Your Perimeter Security to Lessen the Outside Risk

Alarm clock goes off. TV or radio goes on. Check your cell phone. What is the first thing that you hear about? It probably isn’t happy news. It likely is a terrible situation: A shooting….

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