Albeit strange, fare collection has gained the title of the most dividing subject in public transportation. With a claimed loss of $25 million annually, it is no wonder why the Metro Agency has implemented such a stiff punishment for fare evasion. In the District of Columbia for example, fare evaders could get a fine of $300 and 10 days in jail, but without turnstiles at most stations, the rail system relies on an honor system that expects passengers to pay for a ticket that no one will ever ask to see or risk a fine.

How Do Turnstiles Provide a Solution?


Proof of payment systems employ patrol to ensure riders are actually purchasing tickets. Turnstiles diminishes the requirement to hire someone to check for tickets.


Unlike the honor system, turnstiles require a ticket to pass through successfully. As a result of that, the money lost due to fare evasion would subsequently decrease. Thus receiving your return on your investment.


Some transit systems experience a mass amount of daily ridership. Turnstiles create a queueing system that allows passengers to travel through the hundreds of entrances and exits safely.


Our turnstiles are fully welded and are constructed of steel. This means they are capable of handling all wear and tear associated with mass transit with minimal maintenance. With an advanced design and a wide variety of finishes, our turnstiles complement any facility.

Until transportation is free…

We may not be ready to consider free transportation like some European countries are already implementing, so until then transit systems are actively searching for solutions to deter the fare evader rate. Our turnstiles provide sleek, cost-effective solutions that meet a wide range of transit specifications.

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