Retail Turnstiles

Turnstiles and Queuing Solutions

Many people think of turnstiles and queuing control as ways to manage the throngs at places like amusement parks, sporting events, and transit hubs. While these are necessary uses for these venues, turnstiles and queuing can also be an asset in retail environments.

At busy retail settings like supermarkets, warehouse-style stores, discount stores, and drug stores, turnstiles help by controlling pedestrian flow and deterring theft as part of a comprehensive strategy that includes alarms, two-way mirrors, video surveillance, and security personnel.

Statistics regarding shoplifting are staggering. According to the National Association for Shoplifting Prevention, there are 27 million shoplifters in the United States today. That’s one out of every 11 people!  And these aren’t just mischievous kids—75% of shoplifters are adults. (Source:

Entra Turnstiles solutions can help improve your bottom line by controlling the entrances and exits of your business, requiring patrons to enter and exit through check stands and monitored areas.

In addition to preventing shoplifting, turnstiles are also instrumental in helping people know where to go into the store, preventing unwanted exit, and controlling the way pedestrians flow through your business. All of these factors eliminate confusion and congestion and improve the overall morale of your clients, which can make them more inclined to spend money. A complete and designed system of turnstiles and other queuing technologies, such as stanchions and rails, also have the ability to guide consumers toward high-volume (and high-profit) areas.

But how do you know which type of crowd management service is right for your place of business? And how can you optimize your store for success? One way is to work with security experts who specialize in physical and digital tools to provide crowd-management services. At Entra Turnstiles, for example, our team possesses decades of experience managing all types of spaces, from public libraries to major sporting arenas.

Turnstiles are a long-term investment, so the way in which the products you select are manufactured can go a long way in helping you control crowds with low maintenance needs.

Our turnstile lines are design-engineered and manufactured to meet and exceed the demands of today’s busy retail environments. Made from solid steel materials with long lasting internal components, many of our turnstiles are still hard at work after more than 20 years of continuous operation.

As we all know, brick-and-mortar retail establishments are under increasing pressure from online sales. From national and regional chains to smaller Mom and Pop operations, retailers are relying on a variety of antitheft measure to maximize the profitability of their stores. Turnstile and queuing solutions are a smart and cost-effective option to include when retrofitting or opening locations.